The Seekers

Proposal book cover. Unpublished.

About the Book

Melissa’s life was dramatically changed in May of 1864, when her parents James and Tessa Fuller were killed by Sherman’s troops who had begun their fiery march through Georgia. Up until then, this typical southern girl lived with her shopkeeper parents. Her mother homeschooled Melissa, teaching her about world history, reading and writing. During her spare time she love to explore the woods around her home. It wasn’t until her mother’s death that Melissa learned Tessa secret, who she really was, and where she came from. With Tessa death she passed her gifts along to Melissa. The day Melissa woke up on an examination table was a real shocker, but there was more to come! As she began to realize her own destiny, her eyes were opened wide to the reality of the heavy responsibility that now rested on her shoulders, and the awesome legacy her mother had left her.