The Prophet to Zion

About the book

The next stage of human evolution will not be of the physical, but from consciousness itself. Follow the life of Tyler Grey; as a child his beliefs made him the outcast from others, his only friend was Fogrill; a channeled spirit guide who taught Tyler the ways of the SHAMAN. Teachings that were crucial in Tyler’s survival to overcome a multitude of paranormal events, from mysterious grey figures that visit him in the night, to lucid dreams and lurid nightmares that shaped his reality. Growing up is never easy, but the burden is eased with remarkable friends, and the memories of another life saturated in magical teachings. His past and destiny entwine in a kaleidoscope of events; the vision of lost love that haunts Grey to reunite a kindred flame. Demons, angels, aliens and all manor of being become foes and allies, whilst clandestine plans of the worlds oldest secret societies are revealed! The world plummets toward a cataclysmic trap from the dark forces that have remained hidden in human history… can the will of the few change our worlds dark destiny?