About the Book

This is book two in the ‘Polly and the Shadow Goblin’ series. Following on the heels of ‘Goblin Lost’ it takes Polly into yet another ‘world’. Polly meets the legendary, Mother of Witches, and encounters a fearsome antagonist, but as always, the Shadow Master is ever near at hand, and with a new friend or two, she finds her way. Still, she finds it’s not easy to wield the power she does, and at the same time interact ‘normally’ in her every day world. The ‘change’ she barely noticed or even less understood in Goblin Lost, becomes clearly manifest in the Mother of Witches. Polly doesn’t really see it yet, but her magical friends do. Polly should not be able to do what she can do, until at least in her mid to late twenties; Melissa Polly is a prodigy!