Expatriate Adventure

Initial book cover design.

About the Book

The book is a memoir about my life; thus, I am qualified. I lived in Shanghai’s International Settlement and French Concession, protected by foreign troops and warships, from 1926 to 1940, then in Cuba-1953-55; Venezuela, 1955-59; finally Guatemala, 1965-70, the years of my memoir. Today, at age eighty-seven, I live with my wife in a retirement community, Rockwood Forest Estates, in Spokane, Washington State. It’s a nonfiction memoir, Expatriate Adventure. It tells of my life in Shanghai from age two to fifteen, 1926-40, in the French Concession and International Settlement, eventually surrounded by Japanese armies who had driven out Chinese troops from the area surrounding these foreign jurisdictions in the Sino-Japanese war beginning in 1937, ending with the defeat of Japan in World War II. Later, married and with a growing family, we lived as expatriates in Latin America, beginning as a trainee in Havana, 1953; then assistant manager in Caracas, Venezuela; then regional manager in Guatemala City, for eight countries. These assignments were not consecutive, being interrupted by assignments in New York, not described because it’s not expatriate living and therefore outside the theme of this memoir.