Consequences of War

About the Book

Consequences of War is an American warrior’s story of unrelenting combat against terrorism in the Far East. It recounts the author’s early life that gave him a warrior’s soul, unrelenting drive, and fearlessness to fight, and it follows him as he describes grueling military preparation and combat, narrating mission after mission. Observe as he tries rescuing wounded US Spec Ops forces still engaged with the enemy, resulting in a fierce firefight against those trying to overrun his position. With American conflicts never seeming to end, he eventually resigned his commission and went to Africa in search of peace. In his work as a wildlife scientist he describes shooting hundreds of animals-including elephants, buffalo, and antelope-for population control. He narrates being knocked down and gored by Cape buffalo, encounters with deadly snakes, and attacks and deaths from lions and elephants. After undergoing 22 surgeries and military disability, the author describes the consequences of war resulting from prolonged and excessive numbers of American wars, the severe impact on our military, and the devastation to the US economy. He deeply honors those who fight for this nation.