Baja California Adventures

About the Book

The stories featured in Baja California Adventures take place during a span of almost sixty years of travel in the rugged, parched, yet hauntingly attractive peninsula. The author kept detailed notes on most of his trips then fleshed out this skeleton in a narrative that places the reader in the role of participant in the adventure. Thus, one feels the bite of the 4WD tires into the desert sand, newly hard-packed by the moisture of a quick-moving thunderstorm. The author describes the excitement of finding Indian petroglyphs, arrowheads, or clay ollas in remote canyons. Because Mr. Tiscareño is also a pilot, many of the trips included here involve mention of the special immigration rules for private fly-in tourists. Finally, there are Baja adventures in the pine-clad granite fortress that is the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir in the northern part of the peninsula. Here, the author joined other veteran Bajeños in hoof-and-boot or horse-assisted explorations. In short, this book should be inspiration to those readers who want to visit Baja California, particularly the less tourist-trod destinations. Armchair travelers will derive vicarious pleasure without the effort of going there themselves.